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NOAA operates three different NOMADS Servers that host NCEP Model Products

  1. A near-real-time server supported by NCEI is available at This server provides
    • access to a subset of NCEP's operational data set (as distributed on NOAAPort) shortly after distribution
    • a long-term archive for all data sets (
  2. A real-time server supported 24x7 by NCEP is available at This server provides
    • access to NCEP's operational data sets as they are being generated
    • a short-term archive of up to a month for most data sets
    • 24x7 operational monitoring by NCEP staff
    • a geographically-diverse backup server to insure operational availability

  3. NOAA's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory has select Climate Model (CM.x) output for access at:

Related Centers

  • EMC:    Environmental Modeling Center
  • NCEP:   National Centers for Environmental Prediction, part of NWS
  • NWS:    National Weather Service, part of the Department of Commerce

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